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GeroMAG project

Innovative Magnetic Gear Minipump, Compact and Hermetic, for applications in Microdosing 

  • Period:  from 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2016
  • Spanish competitive reference: DPI2013-42031-P
  • Coordinator: IAFARG
  • Companies: AMES and INFRANOR MAVILOR
  • Collaboration: Faculty of Machine Design Fundamentals and Tribology, Mechanical Engineering Department at Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)


The microsystems technology has emerged as one of the leading research technologies in this century. For many microsystems applications (automotive, medical, life sciences, energy, industrial, food industry, environmental, aerospace) the fluid-dynamic field is the most time-proven applications (medical dosing, additives, inkjet heads, flow sensors, active mixing), whereby the mini/micro pumps develop a key role: to produce the fluid movement.

GeroMAG is a multidisciplinary project in the microfluidics field that establishes a new line of research in the study of an innovative trochoidal-gear pump of very small size, mini and micro, magnetically driven, hermetic and compact from energy applications (fuel cells) to microdosing (medical), or also industrial process control.

A mini/micro trochoidal-gear pump, a type of rotary displacement pump, presents qualities as few components, plain configuration that allows working with a relatively simple design, and optimal volumetric characteristics with an excellent efficiency/size ratio. Moreover, the trochoidal-gear can be manufactured of varied materials, working with an important variety of fluids, bidirectional pumping and quick response.

The GeroMAG project challenge is to apply the own developed technology to the micropumps in the environmental area through the direct microdosing of pesticide and additive in exact quantity, maximum spraying and precision in their location over the plant (leave, flower, fruit) by using a hydraulic robot visual serving system.

The objective is to implement the basic knowledge in mini/micro pumps through a step beyond the state of the art (CFD numerical simulation and PIV experimental technique) and to make a progress in the development, fabrication and construction of prototypes of mini/micro trochoidal-gear pumps (magnetically driven and materials). Thus, the project is clearly oriented to the dissemination and exploitation results to the industry, to the strengthening of the generation of knowledge and the collaboration to the commercialization of the product. Moreover, the internationalization and projection of the project results will promote the interaction with other research groups.

The expected results are focused on maximizing the pump efficiency by keeping its main advantages, optimizing its main strong points (sealing and wear that entails to its variability of efficiency).

The sealing performance will be improved by innovative magnetic driven trochoidal-gears making a compact, hermetical and modular minipump. Consequently, the wear will be reduced because of the individual control of each magnetic driven trochoidal-gear, leading to no contact stress since there is no gear dragging and flow regulation. Trochoidal-gear material also can be magnetic polymers.

The GeroMAG project confronts challenges in technological and product applications. These challenges will contribute to achievement of the aim of generating new knowledge in a young research group, scientific, technological and business leaders of the country and to providing solutions to some of the current problems of our society in an indirect manner.