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Guest Editor: sustainability open access


Special Issue "Fluid Power Components and Systems"

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to bring to your attention this Special Issue on "Fluid Power Components and Systems". Essentially, fluid power is the transmission of forces and motions using a confined and pressurized fluid with its main overall merit of density power. Occasionally, fluid power could be considered the 'dark matter' of power transmission systems: it is there, but it is not 'directly' observed. Over the years, numerous investigations and great researchers have established fluid power fundamentals, in both components and systems.

This Special Issue on "Fluid Power Components and Systems" aims to disseminate recent advances of fluid power technology, contributing to the existing literature. The scope of this Special Issue focuses on a wide range of topics, including the following:

  • New methodologies for the analysis, modeling, simulation, and design of hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • Advanced configurations and design for hydrostatic pumps and motors
  • New configurations and design solutions for hydraulic valves and actuators
  • New experimental approaches and techniques in hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • Component sizing and manufacturing techniques in fluid power components
  • Fluid power production methods
  • New materials in fluid power components
  • Advanced system configuration in mobile and industrial fluid power
  • Applications of fluid power in the field of hydrostatic, hybrid, and power split transmissions
  • Efficiency labeling in fluid power components
  • Energy rating in fluid power systems
  • Monitoring, fault detection, and life reliability in fluid power components
  • Design by end-user: diagnosis, prognostic, and energy consumption evaluation
  • Biodraulics: fluid power in bioengineering
  • Hydraulic drives and actuators in powered prosthetics
  • Noise and vibration in hydraulic components and systems
  • Tailor-made fluid power technology
  • Environmental topics and issues in fluid power

The purpose of this Special Issue is to gather together the cutting-edge approaches and results in the fluid power field in its wide spectrum.

On behalf of the journal, I invite you to consider this Special Issue as an opportunity and an optimal launch pad to publish and disseminate your research approaches and results in the captivating fluid power field.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Dr. P.J. Gamez-Montero
Guest Editor